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Can all products be delivered?

Yes, we deliver anywhere in the Ottawa area!

When should topsoil be used?

Topsoil is typically used for lawn and seeding. It is also an all around use material, it can be use in garden or flower beds but it is not as rich as garden soil.

When should garden soil be used?

Garden soil is typically used for garden and flower beds.

How much material do I need?

Use the `Requirements Calculator`, located on this page and on the bulk products pages, to help you calculate your material.

Can all products be delivered?

Yes, we deliver anywhere in the Ottawa area!

How much delivery notice do I need to give?

Same day delivery, depending on the time of your call.

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

Yes: It is in the best interest of both parties. Re: unloading location, signatures and payment.

Can I pick up the materials myself?

Yes: Some materials are available for pick up (contact our sales department for availability)

Do you deliver rain or shine?

It depends on site delivery conditions. Please discuss with our dispatcher.
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Requirements Calculator
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Length (feet)
Depth (inches)

Formula (W*L*D/12)/27 = cubic yards

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