THAWROX® Premium

THAWROX® Premium

When you need to get the most out of your deicing resources, look no further than Thawrox. You'll maximize your budget with targeted performance and load-and-go convenience.

When you are tasked with keeping roads safe during tough winter conditions, Thawrox provides many advantages including:

  • Enhanced low-temperature performance;
  • Expanded melting capacity;
  • More friendly to the environment;
  • No stockpile clumping and free-flowing product in the most challenging weather conditions;
  • Reduced corrosiveness on equipment;
  • Reduced leaching;
  • Minimized bounce, scatter and blow-off; and
  • Providing a pre-treated product that requires no mixing.

Pricing Information
Cubic Yards Prices
1 yard or less $call for price
2 yards or more $call for price / yard

** Prices subject to change without notice
** HST taxes extra
***Plus 12% fuel surcharge until further notice***

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